Clarity Comes Before Confidence   

by | 4 Mar 2022

Clarity comes before confidence is a simple concept. Or is it?  

Try putting it into practise and you will find that it’s not as easy as it first sounds. Master the simplicity of it and you will be well on your way to building success in both your work and personal lives. Clarity is all about being coherent, understanding and planning what you want to say before you say it. Knowing what your vision is and then taking the steps to get there. Being clear about who you are and what is important to you, your team, your business, your project etc. This means that you will be easily able to say no to opportunities that present but don’t fit your direction. This is a deal maker as so many people talk with me about being over-loaded and not even having enough time for themselves. If you are clear about your focus and vision then you will have the confidence to say no and to put in place the actions and steps that really matter.

When clarity meets your conviction and you apply actions to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes. Lisa Nichols

Here are 9 tips to help. 

Tip 1

Write down something that you want to get clear about. Spend 5 minutes thinking about it. Allow any thoughts. Spend a minute writing down 2 actions that you need to do to move this idea along. You now have your action plan.

Tip 2 

Your head can be a pretty busy place. It’s likely that you really don’t know how much stuff you carry around up there. Build a brain dump session into your day. Spend a few minutes and write down anything that is in your head. It doesn’t matter how random or ridiculous your thoughts are. You don’t need to do anything with what you have written down. This tip helps you to de-clutter your mind and get on with the things that really matter.

Tip 3  

When you get stuck, MOVE. Take a break, take a walk, take three deep breaths. Sometimes you just need a chance to reboot. 

Tip 4  

Develop a vision. This is a compelling picture of where you want your life, team, business, project etc to be in 1,3,5,10 or 20 years time. You choose the number of years for your vision. Write it down, type it up and display it where you can see it. This will be a constant reminder of where you are headed and will bring instant clarity to what you spend your time doing / working on. 

Tip 5 

This one’s specifically about speaking. Know your audience, spend time getting to know who they are and why they want you to speak. Frame up 3 or 4 questions to answer. Now, answer these. BINGO this is now your presentation. And remember to personalise it by adding a case study or story that everyone can relate to.

Tip 6 

About to go into a meeting? Go prepared. Check the agenda beforehand, write some notes. Identify which items you want to speak about.

Tip 7 

Allocate a set time each and every morning to develop your workplan. Once done, your mind is less likely to stray.

Tip 8  

The good old ‘to do’ list has a place here too. If something is overwhelming – then break it down into smaller actions. Choose the harder tasks first. And tick off tasks as you go. This is great for motivation.

Tip 9 

Delegate with time lines. Put what you want others to do in writing where you can or get them to note it in a notebook. Always add the date you want it done by. There are some fabulous apps around these days that can help with this too. 

We work with clients to develop their leadership clarity and confidence through one on one coaching. If you think we can help, please book in for a chat with us, you can share your current leadership needs and we can work out if we might be a fit to work together.

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