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Co-design is all about bringing people together to achieve change. It places people at the centre of a change process and designs ‘with’ and not ‘for’ or ‘to’ people.

Co-design supports those with lived experience, lived expertise and professional experience to learn, discuss and create solutions to improve things. Discussion alone isn’t enough. There is a process that you facilitate to achieve results that have a greater chance of take up for adoption.

Co-design is a human centred approach and we developed the following Articles to share information, resources, answer questions and offer tips and tools to support co-design work across the Southern NSW Innovation Hub and beyond. These 8 Articles are designed to challenge, teach, and motivate you to explore and use co-design in your work (and it will have relevance beyond your work environment too.) Each Article is written by the team of Jo Eady, a human centred facilitator, strategic designer with a keen interest in social change based in Victoria and Dale Stringer, innovation specialist and chief knowledge broker with Southern NSW Innovation Hub.

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ARTICLE 1 – Co-Design – Same, Same or Different?

ARTICLE 2 – Mindsets are the starting point to successful change

ARTICLE 3 – Origins of Co-Design – Norway to Australia and Indigenous Culture

ARTICLE 4 – Why Co-Design?

ARTICLE 5 – What is a Co-Design team?

ARTICLE 6 – What does our approach to Co-Design look like?

ARTICLE 7 – What does our six step to Co-Design process look like?

ARTICLE 8 – How to facilitate purposeful and participatory Co-Design activities


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