It would be hard to think of another person who’s had the impact Jo’s had on leadership within agriculture. I learned that pathways in Australian agriculture are accessible for someone like me. People have grown the confidence to step up and take on roles in the industry and in the community, which is really important.

Nigel Burnett

Chair, Cotton Australia

Great workshop in the South Burnett from Jo Eady on mentoring – really value her broad experience across many industries and rural and regional communities. Practical tools as well as developing plans for change. Highly recommend Jo for her capacity to connect and engage.

Georgie Somerset

Chair, Red Earth Foundation

Jo has the ability to read a person and then tailor a unique experience to challenge and test that person, in a supported and nurturing environment. Since working with Jo I have won promotion at work and joined my first board, but most importantly I have become more self aware and conscious of my values and how they interact in my life. I couldn’t recommend Jo Eady as a facilitator or coach more readily or highly. You and/or your business will be richer for the opportunity.

Tess Walch

Senior Commodity Advisor, Market Check, South Australia

The Future Cotton Leaders Program is an extremely rewarding program for anyone wanting to grow their personal and professional development. The Program pushed me both personally and professionally out of my comfort zone. Completing the program really helped build my confidence in taking on roles in my community and industry. The program taps into incredible resources and networks which exposed me to industry leaders and networks that I would not of otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Overall the program kick started me into developing good business and personal habits which have benefited my own business and my ability to contribute to our industry.

Georgia Brown

New South Wales

I work as a regional development manager with Cradle Coast Authority and am currently working on a place-based capital program to attract capital to the community and develop a pathway for young people to purchase land and become established in agriculture. Leading a project like this wouldn’t have been possible without Jo identifying and developing my leadership capabilities, the benefits of which now flow through the wider community. Jo is great at meeting people where they’re at,she asks people the right questions and gives them the right tools. She embodies the kind of leadership that agriculture is benefitting from.

Veronica Terry

Regional Development Manager

Jo has extensive industry knowledge, is an expert leader and is able to create a safe and supportive environment for program participants. I have seen first-hand the incredible results she delivers for an organisation as a result of these qualities. I am certain Jo Eady is the secret ingredient for many successful agriculture leaders. For leadership and facilitation expertise, Jo Eady and RuralScope are a must!

Kaitlin Commins

General Manager, Leadership and Events, Grain Growers Limited, Sydney NSW

Just a short note to thank you for your wonderful and professional facilitation. Truly a stimulating and rewarding experience for me. With your wonderful guidance and such stimulating and encouraging phone conversations, you open the locks so now hopefully I will squeeze some doors open to exciting and active events, programmes and positions so as to fulfil a rewarding career.

Frank O’Hare

Grain Producer, Cunderdin, Western Australia

The Future Cotton Leaders Program provided me with the opportunity develop my individual knowledge and in turn contribute to the development of our Cotton Growers Association and other businesses I am involved with. The networks and new friends I have developed during the Future Cotton Leaders Program will be with me for the rest of my working career. I cannot recommend participating in the program more highly, don’t just think about it or postpone for another year make sure you apply.

Lachlan Danckert

Business Owner, New South Wales

The Future Cotton Leaders program was a great opportunity to meet with and get to know people from different parts of the industry. The course itself gives you a better understanding of yourself, your goals and what you can contribute. After the course I had much a stronger sense of my role in the industry and stronger relationships with the people that my research affects.

Dean Brookes

Researcher, University of Queensland

The best investment the grain industry can make in their future generation is to give them time with Jo. She’s a phenomenon. I’ve never seen her fail to connect with someone. She has genuine care, compassion and curiosity about what makes you tick, what your ambitions are and what drives you to succeed.

Kaitlin Leonard

General Manager, Major Projects, Grain Growers Limited

I have had the absolute pleasure of being challenged, developed, and invigorated by two of RuralScope’s industry programs. From transforming ideas on paper to tangible reality, to understanding my own place in the world, the coaching and personal development of Jo Eady has truly had a positive impact. Jo’s genuine interest in, and connection to Australian rural industries is undeniable, and infectious. Her presentation and engagement with enthusiasm and genuine personal connection with participants delivers proven results and has identified and supported numerous leaders within Australian agriculture, cutting across many commodities. One of the most influential people in Australian agriculture must be Jo Eady. No one else has empowered and supported as many industry leaders as Jo.

Cam Parker

Policy Manager, AgForce Queensland

Thank you very much for your time, insight and advice this morning. It was so, so wonderful to talk things over with you and get your feedback and ideas. I really appreciate your opinion and guidance and hung up feeling very excited about where I’m heading. Thank you for the practical, creative and enthusiastic help.

Agribusiness Manager

Sydney NSW

The Australian Future Cotton Leaders program was an outstanding program, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in it. The program expanded my personal growth, increased my curiosity and resulted in some fantastic experiences. It also consequently changed the way I approach many challenges in both my personal and professional environments, opened up and challenged my mind, as well making great friendships with other participants along the way. The Australian Cotton Industry is so lucky to have a program like this one, and I would strongly encourage others to jump on board and take up this opportunity!

Alex Dalton

Cotton Merchant, Louis Dreyfus – Trangie, New South Wales