About RuralScope

RuralScope is dedicated to raising visibility, potential and value of human capital in agricultural and rural industries, businesses
and communities


Jo Eady founded RuralScope in 2000.

She knew there were thousands of Australians working across agricultural supply chains and in rural communities that could be more effective in their roles if they had access to quality leadership and professional development.

RuralScope evolved to address this need. We have now grown to become a leading provider of people development services for Australia’s agricultural and rural industries.

We deliver a suite of integrated group leadership programs to the cotton and grain industries and implement one-on-one programs & support for emerging and established leaders across varied sectors.

We love working with leaders to help them facilitate better in their own lives as well as their work and the lives of others.

We understand that you are unique

RuralScope offers a spectrum of services that we customise to your unique needs.

We excel in delivering a range of facilitation and coaching programs for groups and/or individuals. These are delivered flexibly through one-on-one, face-to-face and online formats.

RuralScope is committed to transforming the face of agriculture by empowering people to lead wholeheartedly and create positive change.


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