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by | 30 Sep 2022

Have you ever thought about what makes a stand out leader? And if you have, how you stack up? In my work as a leadership specialist, I see people put up their hands to lead without really knowing what it takes to even be a leader. True. Doesn’t make any sense does it? Today I want to make crystal clear for you 7 steps you can do right now to be a stand out leader.          

Before we start, I want to share what I mean by a stand out leader. To me you are a stand out leader if you know yourself well – you need to know yourself from the inside out – from the top of your head right down to your toes. You need to know what makes you tick, what your values and .drivers are. You are a stand-out leader if you can create a vision, empower others and effectively lead long lasting change. So let’s get to my 7 steps.

Step 1 – So, the first stand out step is that you don’t profess to know everything. You show up as you are and don’t profess to be better or know more because you now have the role or label as Chair or President, Manager or Minister! Instead you are a learner first and foremost and you contribute to change by taking risks. It’s important you remain open to new ideas and what people have to say and share with you.

Step 2 – The next step is that you model and encourage healthy striving – you want everyone to do better and to show empathy as well as self compassion always. This is super important as it drawers’ people to you because they see and feel that you care. And in turn this makes them step up.

Step 3 – The next standout step is that you set boundaries – you can say no when you mean no and help others to do the same. And when you communicate you are clear and kind so that everyone understands that what you say is what you mean.

Step 4 – Another step is that you take time to offer gratitude and celebrate steps and achievements along the way – both for yourself and for others. You understand the value of a simple thank you. And others will respect you for it.

Step 5 – From what I’ve seen, a big step for the stand out leader is that you can create vision and then cultivate commitment from others and have them come on board with a shared vision and purpose. When people can see the big picture because it’s painted for them – And it makes sense – they’ll want to be a part of the activity and come on board. I have worked on projects where I’ve been told certain people won’t come on board because they always boo hoo new ideas. Without too much fuss, I have watched as they have bought into the vision of a standout leader and in many cases have taken on new activities in support of the vision and encouraged others to do the same.

Step 6 – And as a standout leader you lead from the heart, you create a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome, and you value all contributions and encourage others to do the same. You use your personal power “with rather than over” others and this gives people the confidence to speak up and act. Instead of hearing the voice of one person, you will hear the voices of many. 

Step 7 – The final step, as a stand out leader is that you know how to let go of your ego and be vulnerable. This means you ask for help when you need it and are happy to say when you don’t know the answer. Without getting too mushy here, your biggest asset as a leader is your heart and to live into your values and build trust with others. It really all starts and stops with this one.  It’s a biggie.

I know that Stand out leaders are daring leaders. And as Brene Brown, one of the worlds greatest thought leaders of all time says, “who we are is how we lead”. So, I encourage you to go the next step. To lead from your heart and become a stand out leader. Your team and the world needs more stand out leaders. I hope you’ll accept my challenge. Please get in touch here if you’d like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Jo Eady

Jo Eady

I’m a leadership specialist, a human centred facilitator and a modern day storyteller. I live in Victoria, Australia. For the past two decades I’ve developed and facilitated a range of leadership initiatives, strategies and programs and have coached many across Australia’s agricultural and rural sectors. I love being a change agent and my key motto right now is courage over comfort. I support others to develop their own leadership essence and shine from the inside out.