5 Ways to Nurture A Future Mindset

by | 1 Jul 2022

“Leaders at all levels need a fresh take on how to approach the future and how to lead into it to prepare themselves and their teams for a next normal where certainty is off the table and moving forward means working with the flow without blowing in the wind.” Maggie Wooll.

Do you remember good old ‘show and tell’ at school? Ours was always on a Monday morning. I just shared with a client this morning how we are conditioned in our education and upbringing to create a past focussed mindset. It’s now time to consciously tune into the power of future focused mindsets and here are 5 ways for you to do just that;

  1. Prepare for Multiple Possible Futures Due to uncertainty the future is not a single target on a timeline anymore . It’s a range of options that all fall into what’s acceptable.    
  2. Take into Account Roadblock and SetBacks  If you head for one target and miss it then it can be right back to the beginning you go! Brainstorm roadblocks and setbacks and when they appear you will be in a better position to go around them.    
  3. Be Optimistic About Your Future. Optimism + Pragmatism + Envisioning Potential Outcomes = Future Minded Leaders.
  4. See the Big PictureAlways keep your mind on the big picture. This way, complexities along the way, won’t seem so large. And they won’t stop you in your tracks.
  5. Do it for Your WellbeingFuture focussed mindsets create positive shifts in anxiety and depression for leaders, managers and their staff.

Coming out of or through times of change can see us facing uncertainty. Your mindset is an incredibly powerful asset. Work with it and ensure it serves you and others well.  

Questions for you

  1. Do you plan for one or multiple possible futures?
  2. How do you plan for roadblocks and setbacks? Do you think you will be more prepared for them if you spend time thinking through what they ,might be? Do you think this could be useful for your team?
  3. How important do you see optimism when envisioning a future different from today?
  4. How valuable is it to paint the big picture and help others to see it and understand it in the change process?
  5. How can you support the wellbeing of your staff / team members by supporting them to develop a future focussed mindset?

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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Jo Eady

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