Great Leaders Self Reflect

by | 21 Jun 2021

I’ve been reflecting….

While working with a group of leaders in agriculture last week we spoke about the importance of self reflection. It was a newish idea for many and for others it isn’t something they have consciously practised or built as a leadership habit. Great leaders reflect on their behaviours, conversations and achievements each and every day. Give it a go. 

“Leaders who don’t take time to reflect regularly on themselves and where they’re headed risk bumping into (avoidable) failure time and time again. Self-reflection is a humbling, yet powerful technique that helps leaders (and anyone else) to improve their performance.” Unknown

  • Great leaders reflect on their behaviours.
  • Great leaders reflect on their conversations.
  • Great leaders reflect on their achievements and outcomes.
  • Great leaders take time each and every day to reflect on themselves and put in place a couple of things to do differently next time.

Through our chats we came to an equation.

Reflection = Awareness which Results in Change. 

Without reflection, nothing changes.

Taking 5 minutes each day to reflect on a meeting, a conversation, presentation or relationship etc and making a mental note of a couple of things to do differently next time is all it takes.

Reflecting each day will not only serve you better as a leader, but it will be better for your team, your business as well as your industry.

Here are some questions you can use;

(think about a meeting, a conversation, presentation or relationship etc)   

Question 1 – What was your role? 

Question 2 – What are three things that worked well?   

Question 3 – How did people respond?

Question 4 – What are two things you will do differently next time?  

And if you are into psychology then it wont be any surprise to you that self reflection helps with self regulation.

Would you like to set up your own leadership reflection practices to fast track your development and confidence?

I’d be happy to help, please reach out via our leadership laser hour one on one program.

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I hope to see you soon.


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