Do you think First Impressions Count?   

by | 1 Aug 2022

Yes, absolutely, first impressions count! As a leader, it is important that you are aware of the impression you give. And it’s so important that this is the authentic you and is the impression you want others to have of you. It’s also important that you own this from your very first meeting with others – whether this be on line or in person. It matters because your first impression is enduring.  Positive impressions lead to positive and effective relationships. Here are 10 tips to make your first impression count!

Tip ONE  

First impressions matter online these days just as much as they do in person. Take a look at your image on line. What do you think?  Does it reflect the true and positive you? If so, great. If not then it is likely to be time to do something about it. Many people will ‘check you out’ online and this will determine is they follow up to meet you in person.

Tip TWO 

People scan you to agree or disagree with the impression you give. This means you can be very articulate but if your appearance is ‘sloppy’ then the person will look to confirm this impression (regardless of what you say!) by finding sloppiness in your work, communication, projects etc. Yes, first impressions matter – make yours real and consistent.


Deliver ahead of schedule. Under promise and over deliver. 

Tip FOUR  

Take interest and understand the business and people you are meeting / dealing with. Find out what you can about them – their vision, goals, projects, networks etc and use these to advantage. It shows you care and people respond to this positively.

Tip FIVE  

Yes, it’s time.  We all make mistakes. The important thing about this is to be real, own up, tell the truth and apologise. And overall, take steps to correct the mistake – it is a great measure of accepting and taking responsibility – much better than hoping it’s not noticed!

Tip SIX  

Things don’t always go to plan. In fact, you can find yourself in a crisis at work! If this happens, what’s important is how you present and manage yourself. And those who step up and take action are always well regarded. 


Make adjustments when necessary. Take time to get to know and show empathy towards others. Look at how people like to communicate and adjust your style to suit to make it easy for them to understand. You will be seen as flexible and always willing to help others out.


Always be open to learning. No-one knows everything! Keep up with the latest trends and help others to understand these too.

Tip NINE  

Run your own race! Keep focussed on the job at hand. Leave the egos and the show offs to find another audience. Be polite and don’t invest in their needs. Always invest in your own and work to show yourself for who you are.

Tip TEN  

Remember to always say THANK YOU.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and you put some of them into practice. My favourite is Tip 7, all about empathy, it’s a skill that can be developed and nurtured to build more effective workplace relationships. Good luck and have fun with what tips you choose to action.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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