5 Ways to Create an Open / Growth Mindset

by | 1 Jul 2022

Keeping an open or growth mindset can be harder than you think. It’s about utilizing your human capital assets. And to do this, you need to know how. It’s time to get intentional about putting open or growth mindsets into action.

The growth mindset concept was originally developed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. In short, she believes that success comes from ongoing personal development and that skill and intelligence are things you can develop. (It’s not just for those born with it!) I’ve put together 5 ways to exercise a growth mindset for you, here they are…..

  1. Assess Where You’re At Visualise fixed mindset on the left of a continuum and growth mindset on the right. Mark where you’re at now. Now mark where you want to be. This helps with intention and motivation. Move the needle to the right towards an open and growth mindset.
  2. Become Friends with Failure Start viewing failure as a normal part of the leaning and growth process. No one starts at perfect, and I don’t think any of us get through to success without set backs, start overs and moments of Oh No!
  3. Watch Your Language and Actionsdo you find yourself saying, “I could never do that”, “I could never be as good as her?” If you do, then switch out to “I can’t do this yet, but with time and practise I will” and “I will be the best I  can be and this is enough”.
  4. See Challenges as OpportunitiesCurveballs are part of your life. When they come embrace them as opportunities. The more difficult the curveball the greater the opportunity for learning and growth. Go for it with open arms and heart. You’ll do things you never thought possible.
  5. Do it for YourselfStop seeking approval from others. Go for improvement and growth and not for recognition, status or so you’ll look good to others. These things are OK, but shouldn’t be your primary motivator.

Questions for you

  1. How would you describe your current mindset – fixed or open?
  2. Where would you like your mindset to sit on a continuum from fixed to growth?
  3. Can you relate to the progress over perfection saying? If so, how?
  4. Are you conscious about the language of change you currently use? What language could you use to express your intentions better?
  5. How do you support others to see curveballs as opportunities?

Here’s to open and growth mindsets the whole way. Hope these 5 ways help. We include short, practical and helpful articles just like this one in our fortnightly E-News called 5 Ways to Lead with Heart. Click here to subscribe to this Newsletter.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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Jo Eady

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