5 Ways You Can Bring Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity Alive

by | 1 Jul 2022

A Deloitte study says strong leadership raises company valuation by 16%, and poor leadership discounts it by19%. The ability to lead a diverse, and inclusive team while ensuring equity is key. Ability Agriculture is shining a light on how to move forward.

I read an article yesterday, by Cleo Franklin, that he wrote for the US-based Rural Lifestyle magazine. Here’s a quick summary of 5 myths about diversity and inclusivity (D&I) that he suggests need busting. I think we all have a role in this and the sooner we bust these the better!!

  1. Quota Driven. Diversity and inclusivity are not about quotas or a check-a-box concept. Diversity and inclusivity help up-level your business. It makes sense to engage a diverse workforce.  
  2. Diversity and inclusivity are the same thing. It’s fair to say they are interconnected, but they are not the same. Together they can change your business and your culture.   
  3. About gender and race. It’s about a lot more than just gender and race. It includes age, religion, life experiences, beliefs, education, personalities, and a lot more.  
  4. It’s about them. There’s no us and them in diversity and inclusivity. It’s about everyone and this includes “us”. 
  5. It’s all feel good with little impact. Loads of case studies exist that illustrate the impact that diversity and inclusivity have on strengthening brand image, business, and the bottom line.  

So now more than ever before, it’s time to build diverse and inclusive workplaces with supportive and productive cultures. Leaders need to act and although it’s not likely to be easy, it’ll be worthwhile. The ability to lead a diverse, and inclusive team while ensuring equity is key.

Questions for you;

2. What do you think this means for you?

  1. Do you think you have a role to play in building a diverse and inclusive team?
  2. What do you think this means for your team?
  3. What action/s can you take now to get the ball rolling or develop what you have already put in place?
  4. It’s important to remember that strong leadership increases the value of a company by 16%. We think this is worth going for and makes sense when it also puts your team and their needs front and centre.

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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