Stepping Into Leadership Without Being Bossy

by | 30 Sep 2022

Are you interested in making a difference in the world? Do you see things – even small things that you know could change your world or that of your career or business? Then it’s likely stepping into leadership will benefit others as well as yourself.

Right now, I want you to take a minute to imagine how many other people will benefit from the small and then larger changes you can make. Imagine the vision for change you can create. You see the interesting thing is that many people are blind to seeing things that need to be changed and even fewer have the drive, passion or interest do something about it.

You are reading this post today so it’s likely you are different. I’m committed to supporting individuals just like you to take that step into leadership even when you are scared that others could talk about you negatively or think you are bossy. Leadership creates positive change and this is worth going for. Today I want to share with you 4 lessons that have served people I’ve worked with well and have given them confidence right from the outset.

The first is that stepping up into leadership is a decision. It’s a decision that you should and need to make. Others can recognise your leadership talent but until you do, its highly likely that you will sabotage your own efforts to get there. I always say to people I work with, just like you, it’s important to draw a line in the sand. And what I mean by this is to recognise where you are today and to commit moving forward with your leadership journey whatever you decide it to be.

The second lesson is to identify your strengths and know what these are. There are knockers in life and there are knockers in workplaces and in business too. Once you sign off on your very own set of unique strengths and we all have them, then they act as an anchor like a tree trunk that keeps you deeply anchored to the earth. You can sway, it’s impossible to do everything right, 100% right all the time, especially in unchartered waters, but you always have the capacity to come back and stand tall in your strengths. Your strengths are yours, they belong to you and it’s important to use them.

The third lesson is just be yourself. It’s super important. It’s about knowing how to act and what to say and to who and then to stick to it. I want to really really stress here to pay attention to who you are and take your gorgeous authentic self with you everywhere. Have you ever seen someone act differently in a leadership role because they think they should? My advice is definitely not to do that, be yourself and let your true self shine through each and every time. It’s your unique band – Brand YOU – that people like and I suggest you keep building on this and continue to attract people to you. The more people you have around you the more change you can make.

The fourth and final lesson for today to step up into leadership and avoid the bossy label is all about communication. This is about listening to what you say, how you say it and importantly who you speak to. As a leader it’s your job to listen to what others are saying and ensure your voice is heard by everyone that will be affected by your vision and work. It’s impossible to listen and speak to everyone but it’s essential that you include everyone in the change process. I love focus groups and consultation so people can have their say and feel like they are being heard, especially in large workplaces or if you are leading a whole industry. As a leader you can make this happen. I’ve seen the results with people just like you and how ready followers are to jump on board and back new ideas.

I’m sure some people will tell you that they worked hard to get to where they are today in leadership and I have no doubt they did, But I think you can get there faster by acknowledging out loud to yourself that you want to;

  1. Step up into a leadership role or become a true leader of your own work / business,
  2. Play to your strengths and build on them quickly,
  3. Show up as your true and authentic self each and every time and
  4. Listen and speak to those that will be part of your vision and the changes you lead.

I’d love to help you draw a line in the sand and achieve your leadership vision. So, if you’d like to set your vision, identify your own strengths and create a Leadership Plan that will see you achieve your vision faster than you ever thought possible, I can help you. Please reach out.

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Jo Eady

Jo Eady

I’m a leadership specialist, a human centred facilitator and a modern day storyteller. I live in Victoria, Australia. For the past two decades I’ve developed and facilitated a range of leadership initiatives, strategies and programs and have coached many across Australia’s agricultural and rural sectors. I love being a change agent and my key motto right now is courage over comfort. I support others to develop their own leadership essence and shine from the inside out.