The Communicator in You – Everything DiSC® Program

One-on-one coaching
(4 week program)

Do you want to improve your leadership communication?  Everything DiSC® is the perfect tool.  It will help open the door to insights and results to improve relationships for a lifetime. The Communicator in You Program x 4 weeks includes Program Introduction, one-on-one 75 mins phone / Zoom debrief and coaching session with a qualified Everything DiSC® facilitator.

$540.00 + GST

About this Course

Do you want to gain greater insight into your own communication style and develop it further so you know how to adapt as necessary and have a competitive advantage in every single interaction you have with others, and especially when it matters most?

Perhaps you Chair a committee or project group, lead a team and want to learn more about yourself and how to interact with each of your colleagues to increase dynamics and productivity?

Or, maybe you are thinking about how to manage others through a change process process and want a competitive advantage.

This Communicator in You – Everything DiSC® Program takes place over 4 weeks and includes;

  • Program introduction
  • Completion of your online Everything DiSC® Assessment, followed by your 20 page full colour Everything DiSC® Report as well as an extra Supplemental individualised report. (PDFs)
  • A one on one 75 mins phone / ZOOM debrief and coaching session with a qualified Everything DiSC facilitator.
  • 5 minute follow up calls / texts for up to a month after the Program concludes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerging and established leaders from Australia and beyond who are seeking to;

  • Accelerate their understanding of their own communication style/s
  • Initiate, develop and sustain relationships with meaning, impact and advantage and help others do the same
  • Influence positive meaningful and productive relationships
  • Ensure communication has meaning and impact.

The Everything DiSC® assessment is the most widely used communication assessment tool available.  Everything DiSC® provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with.  The knowledge and skills help to reduce conflict and improve productive relationships. 

It’s a powerful tool as it can be applied immediately and used forever.

These one-on-one sessions are facilitated by Jo Eady, founder of RuralScope.

Jo has over 20 years of experience working with some of Australian agriculture’s best and brightest leaders. She has worked with leaders from Cotton Australia, AgForce Queensland, Grain Growers Limited, Grower Group Alliance, Landcare NSW and Red Earth Foundation and Gold Coast City Council just to mention a few. She holds the highest level of accreditation with the Myers Briggs Company and is a Silver Partner in their Alliance Program.

Her knowledge of and practical experience with transformational leadership ensures each session seamlessly links theory with practice.

A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours. You will be given all the details you need to prepare the session and connect.

Each session is conducted in the strictest confidence.

Time to spark positive change

The Communicator in You – Everything DiSC® Program

$540.00 + GST