How to Fast Track Your Career or Business

by | 30 Sep 2022

I want to share with you a real life and real time truth today. When I work with people in jobs and those who have their own business, many will ask me –How do I fast track my career? or How do I increase the profile of my business? And they often ask, can you help me do it fast? And no they aren’t all generation Zers or under 30 years. They are people just like you who no longer want to waste time and want to grow into leadership quickly so they can lead and impact positive change. 

I think that if you’re willing to ask these questions then you’re ready to get started and take on the leadership challenge. Afterall, if you don’t push the start button on this, how will you ever know just how far and fast your leadership can go? It all starts with believing in yourself. Today, I’m sharing with you the top 5 lessons that I’ve seen work for emerging leaders over the last 20 years – YES these are tried and tested.

LESSON 1 – Keep a Notebook

We are exposed to leaders every single day – either face to face through our job or business or via social media, TV, books, documentaries and newspapers. And it can be through your personal life too. Take each opportunity to watch, listen and jot down things that these leaders say or do that can apply to yourself or where you are at right now on your leadership journey. And then on a regular basis go back over your notes, highlight those that resonate and then there’s just one more step. And this is the most important really … take the idea to an action and write it into your own leadership action plan. And just in case you are wondering I think everyone should have a Leadership Action Plan no matter where you are on your leadership journey.

LESSON 2 – Develop your Leadership Language

Effective leaders communicate well. They’re able to understand complex items and communicate them in a way that most people will be able to understand. This means;

Increase your leadership vocabulary. Choose your words wisely – make sure they fit who you are and start using them. Ensure you use words that are easy for people you are talking to understand.

Know when to use “I” and “We” and know that when you use “I”; for example, “I will take the lead on inducting new employees into the team” – you are highlighting yourself. And when you use “we”, you are highlighting the value of the team. It’s important to choose which one to use with who as you don’t want to be seen as big noting yourself all the time! 

And Reflect back to people what you hear them say so they have confidence you have actually heard what they’ve said. This is really important, as its how people feel that is important to whether they will act or NOT.

LESSON 3 – Fast track your career or business is Show Commitment and Dedication to Something 

Get your teeth into a task or project and keep at it even when it gets tough. Infact, it’s even more important to stick at it when things get tough – this helps you push through where the majority would stop. Taking on a task or project – especially a difficult one and seeing it through will shine a positive spotlight on you. And you want this. You don’t just want to show up like everyone else, you want to show your strengths and difference. You want to stand out for all the right reasons. It won’t take long for others to notice this and want you on their team or to have you manage a project for them.         

LESSON 4 – Take Considered Risks

Choose your time and place to challenge the status quo. This shows you aren’t scared to say what you think and that you have an eye for doing things differently. Others will see that you are committed to innovation and creating positive change. Back this up with a vision and a plan and get implementing.

This might sound simplistic so I must say something really important here…

I’ve worked with plenty of people who have been able to brainstorm, bring up and challenge new ways of doing things; BUT it’s when you are able to do this AND implement actions to bring about the change that the magic happens.

LESSON 5 – Build Your Network.

I want to start by saying this is not about how many business cards you have or how many listings you have on your database, instead this is about how many people actually know you! Interacting with others is the only way to build you network and your profile, there is no way around this. And each time you do it, someone is likely to make a decision on whether there is value in connecting with you again. This is where you come in! 

  • Give people a call and ask them for advice and input 
  • Include them in collaborations with you – this could be as simple as asking if you can quote them in an article or if you can share something they’ve said in a future meeting
  • Reach out to mentors – where you can ask for feedback about your profile and leadership and what you can do to polish your leadership traits.


So how about it, do you want to stop wasting time and grow into leadership so you can lead and impact even more positive change? If it’s a YES, then please know you can do it and start taking notes and putting in place some actions today to help you get thereAnd if you’d like to check out our programs and how to work with us, click here.

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