RuralScope was established and first flourished as a business through its expert facilitation services. This includes clients such as Cotton Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Du Pont Pioneer,  Dairy Australia, National Rural Women's Coalition, Gold Coast City Council, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, North Australian Pastoral Company, Grain Growers Limited, AgForce Queensland and various government departments,  

Facilitation requires a high level understanding of -

  • Client need / context (Current state of play)
  • Industry / enterprise situation (Industry / enterprise outlook)
  • Roles of people and their issues (People map)
  • Future Directions (Future focus)
  • Desired vision/s (Vision)
  • Actions / outcomes that will create and drive positive change (Action plan)

RuralScope is a qualified and licensed provider of a range of human synergy tools and instruments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISc Profiling.  


RuralScope facilitated the Australian cotton industry’s first formal strategic plan, the formation of the National Rural Women’s Coalition for the then Prime Minister and Cabinet, the evaluation of the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award, community consultation for the Australian National Training Authority regarding reforms in Vocational Education and Training, the first international cotton conference, workplace communication programs for the North Australian Pastoral and TV Fairfax Pastoral Companies and Austock Rural. RuraScope is also engaged by individuals seeking coaching for strategic development and support.

"RuralScope’s facilitation is second to none in my experience". 2016 Participant Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program

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