This is the newest arm of the RuralScope business. It has emerged based on client need and request and sits very comfortably within the wholistic leadership framework. More than ever before people, businesses and industries are recognising the potential and importance of wellbeing. And it is as important for individuals as it is for groups, businesses and whole of industries. In particular, that of work / life balance, self care, leadership wellbeing is of critical importance in fast paced – ever changing work and life environments.

RuralScope is engaged;
By organisations to develop employee assistance packages of support - each customised for the team or individual.
By individuals to identify and acknowledge barriers to wellness / performance and then build long term and short term goals / plans to support forward thinking and cut out procrastination.
By industries to undertake survey work / consultation / focus groups to establish needs of members regarding topics of interest / issues and then present these to decision makers to support change.


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