RuralScope is a leading provider of leadership programs, coaching and capacity / capability building solutions across Australia’s rural and agricultural sectors.

We work with individuals to whole of industry. We listen to and research the needs of clients carefully. From there, we design and develop a solution that meets needs, is evidenced based, drives change and exceeds expectations.

We take pride in partnering with each of our clients to ensure greatest reach and impact of outcomes is achieved.

RuralScope has developed and facilitated a range of industry group programs. These include -

  • Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program
  • Australian Grain Farm Leaders Program
  • AgLink – Leadership Program for Australian Agriculture
  • Australian Future Grain Leaders Program

RuralScope works with individuals who are -

  • Experiencing career challenges / changes
  • Aspiring / established agri-politicians
  • Early adopters of change
  • Developing their rural / ag business
  • Needing support in people management
  • Wishing to be accountable through a change process
  • Feeling overwhelmed in either their work / home life


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